Websites for Primary Schools

And Pupil Blogs!

Put your best foot forward

Beautiful and engaging

Modern school websites

We produce creative websites that really help primary schools to stand out and work on all devices. Modern, accessible, Ofsted compliant and easy to use.

You need a website that shows off your school community to the outside world, looks great and is simple to maintain. Include blogs for each class, link to social accounts and even publish live data. Or keep it simple!

  • Easily update content in-house without paying for changes (free training provided, in person or virtually).
  • Websites that look great on tablets and phones (which is how most of your parents access your website).
  • Websites that meet all Ofsted and statutory requirements.
  • We can work with Purchase Orders and annual billing.

Pupil Blogging Networks

We can create a network of blogs for your school that your pupils create content for.

That could be a blog for each class where children share their work and write for a real audience. It could even be a blog for special groups to show off what they’re doing – a Robotics club, Football Blog, Gardening Groups.

Whatever you’re doing in school, show it off to the world!

increase Pupil Engagement

Why Pupil Blogs?


Real writing for a real audience

Blogging can extend the audience that your pupil’s write for beyond your classroom walls. When their audience is the whole world, it gives children a real sense of purpose to their writing. Motivation and enthusiasm to write increase!


Encourage creativity

Blogging promotes expression and creativity in your pupils. It encourages them to think about subjects that interest them, and current affairs. Blogging is an excellent way for pupils to learn how to articulate themselves on topics that are important to them.


Engage mixed-ability classes

The accessible nature of blogging means it’s the perfect means to engage pupils of all abilities.

Blogs can be made up of any combination of text, photos, audio and video, so projects can easily be differentiated for all pupils. Blogging engages all members of your class by giving motivation to those who are less able, but still pushing those who need to be more challenged. 


Teach feedback and critique skills

The open visibility blog means anyone across the world can read and comment on a pupil’s work. When challenged on their ideas, students may be forced to defend their opinions.

This teaches pupils to articulate their arguments, form a debate, and structure a response.