Huntingdon Primary School Website Screenshot

Huntingdon Primary School

Huntingdon Primary School is a large school with around 500 pupils and an interest in leading with technology.

The Brief

Huntingdon Primary had an information problem. They had too much of it, and a complicated website that wasn’t fit for purpose and was impossible to maintain.

The Finished Article

A website that is clear and functional with different sections updated by different people according to their role within school. New content bubbles to the top automatically.


Huntingdon Primary needed class pages that could be updated by their teachers, an events calendar that could be updated automatically on parents devices, a dynamic front page that changed when updates were made anywhere in the site and social networking integrations.

Repose Creative created a functional and logical site that took the school uniform colour as inspiration and brought all these elements together. User rights allow teachers to update their own areas of the website without allowing them to edit other pages and news items are presented front and centre whilst other content bubbles to the surface as it’s posted. The school calendar can be subscribed to on any device and updates automatically, keeping parents informed throughout the year.

Of course, this was all created without the up front cost! Want to see the live website in action? Have a look here.

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